“Medium Theory” by Jennifer Jones (497 words)

media_monkeysThe essay, “Medium Theory,” describes a theory for how media forms impact aspects of society. In this essay there are two main first-generation medium theorist, named IHarold A. Innis, and Herbert M. McLuhan; Innis believed that some elites were able to control medie more than others. Amongst Innis was another well-known scholar, Herbert M. Mcluhan, who believed that the use of different technologies affects the organization of the human senses and the structure of the culture. These ideas that these two explore are talked about in this chapter and vividly states the origin of media, and how it has been able to transform and become modern to fit the new media standards of “Web 2.0,” and I will go in depth about how it plays a role in social media.

Before there was the print and press, there were scrolls, and people –such as Neanderthal’s– wrote or got messages out by scribbling on wall’s. This shows that media impacts in societies has always been around, they just continue to grow and expan. We all can agree that it’s better to type things, rather than having to print, or it’s much tidier to do so. Less effort goes into using a computer/tablet, than printing-pressing articles, or scribbling on a cave wall. There’s plenty of ways that these media platforms has evolved, which you can tell by the examples I previously listed.

The ways in which the new media of “Web 2.0” including social media has become so influential on a society are very visible within the American culture (and many more). In the American society “Web 2.0” has expanded over the last 10 years; within the blink of an eye we saw our society transition from Newspapers, to reading things on the internet. This is because, “most electronic media emphasize feeling, appearance, and mood.” (Currents in Communication, Chpt 2, Herbert M. McLuhan, 66) Not to say that those back in the day didn’t enjoy receiving their news in a newspaper, but to say that the society accepted those as the norm because the digital media has not yet been created, or has only been accessible to those of the elite class.

The social media aspect of “Web 2.0” has also played a huge role on society; some would say for the better others would say for the worse. Social media has impacted “politics, business, privacy, and socialization.” These things are seen in our society has the head leaders of our lives. Kids are mostly impacted by this because they’re more maluable than adults. “The average child sees more than 20,000 commercials each year (12). More than 60% of commercials promote sugared cereals, candy, fatty foods and toys” Also, “Entertainment would be the other function of the mass media where it is mostly used by the masses to amuse them in present day hectic environment.”

Cura Personalis is what Messina was all about and how to not only round us as good college students, but to also see to it that we’re becoming a whole well rounded person, even outside of the classroom.


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