“The Day the Internet Becomes Invisible” – Cameron Smith and Hilary Cochran

The Caulfield Lecture “The Day the Internet Becomes Invisible” was a very interesting lecture about what would happen if the internet disappeared. Kara Swisher was very captivating and informal regarding technology, journalism and Internet policy issues. The Internet is a very recent technological change and therefore is very famous also due to the creators of the Internet still being alive and therefore celebrities. The next age in computing Swisher believes will be about feelings instead of technology. She describes the Internet as a lot of big minds chasing small things. Technology is responding to people today where in the future we will respond to technology. Media will be ambiguous wherever you are it will follow you. The development of wearable media such as Google glass which might not have been a big hit but is the beginning of something bigger. She also talked about Brandtastic or You Are Who You App which means what apps you use say a lot about who you are and you must be careful when choosing them. Kara made the point how this generation relies too much on technology. Everyone has a cell phone but no one thinks of it as a tracker or a stocker in a way which allows people to geolocate you. We are going to have a world that is fully sensory, heat, pollution, traffic,  and parking sensors. This will be great or very dangerous depending on how it is taken advantage of.

Live streaming has a very big future in media. Society is constantly communicating broadcasting and watching. We are getting more exposure, meeting more people, and making new human interaction. Which can be detrimental to the human experience. Everything is coming alive such as houses, cars, and other forms of transportation. How does that change society? Will there even be a need to own a car? Whatever happens there will be enormous implications due to the fact you will no longer be hidden online. Everyone is spying on you.


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