A dog is a dog again. Caulfield Lecture by Precious Uwaya


speaker Dr. Swisher yesterday emphasized the importance and takeover of the digitization of the world. It is now very easy to live stream stuff everywhere, and everything is being recorded and will remain forever which will change the way humans interact forever.  We are in a world where we are constantly broadcasting, communicating, sharing, responding. It is now easier for companies to pick up on our mistakes, and it makes an individual trackable. In a digitized world we can now communicate with people good, bad always in our own devices.  It will be hard to be anonymous in a fully shared society, will be almost impossible not to be track able, with enormous implication how to present yourself online.  “It will mean a dog is a dog again” Companies spy on you to get information. The speaker did have a concern that these age of digitization that has interrupted the human experience and urges people to create technology that does not interrupt the human experience.

The author talked about self-driving cars with no pedals or steering wheel which Google has made prototype, cars just goes.  The speaker also talks about the culture phenomenon where everyone can comment on everything.  Journalist have to think of constantly transmit story, so do brands. Awesome technology such as clothing has transmission center, eventually chips, Google work on digital contact lenses. It will make you expose yourself. She also talks about how the need to not waste energy has created innovative ideas such as Uber. The author left the crowd with the message that coding literacy is important to have and understands. She cautions the lack of production of people in the STEM field.


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