Meme – Brian Gilfillan and Marc Acevedo


A meme is an idea or image that focuses on a certain issue in society and is shared throughout the entire internet.  Memes have become more and more popular as the internet continues to grow and has more users.  There are many social media websites that memes are shared.  They include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and many more.  They are made to make people laugh and share some jokes that have been created.  Also, because of the ever growing internet, there are websites in which people can create memes easily, such as Meme Generator and “Can I Have a Cheezburger.”

Web 2.0 has allowed memes to become as popular as they are today.  Chapter 10 of “Currents of Communication” explains how popular Web 2.0 has become: “The popularity of Web 2.0 applications demonstrates that, regardless of their levels of technical expertise, users can wield technologies in more active ways than had been apparent previously to traditional media producers and technology innovators.” Users have more access to tools in which they can create memes and share them on social media.


There are some memes on the internet that have become popular worldwide, such as Bad Luck Brian, Condescending Wonka, I Don’t Always, and Success Kid.  These memes are shared by many people all over the internet and are loved because of the humor they bring.  It is very hard to create a meme that becomes very popular.  It has to be funny and smart, and it has to talk about something popular going on in the world today.  We had trouble in our attempts to get our meme shared by other people.  Ultimately, memes are made to be humorous and they have become easily accessible as the internet has become popular.


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