Precious Meme Blog Post

A meme or an internet meme, is a virally transmitted cultural symbol or social idea which can be deep or simple with the purpose of conveying an idea or message. Historically meme’s have been around but in the medium of fables, jokes, or stories that traveled via word of mouth. However meme’s in this recent society has taken a written form and are often spread rapidly via the internet. Memes are connected with Web 2.0 because the increase of technology has led to a “new conduit for transmitting information and for communicating.” In this case a meme.  According to chapter 10 of currents in communication textbook, teenagers are most often likely to create their own webpages, share their original creative content and remix content found online into new products because of the time and accessibility they have of creating information. Many internet memes are about shock value and drama however some of them are involve deep messages and social commentary, a combination that can be provided by teenagers because of the time and accessibility they have of creating information. Some examples of the most popular internet memes right now are: Futurama Fry, Bad Luck Brian, Skeptical Baby, One does not simply, and Alien guy memes.

skeptical_baby                one-does-not-simply-a       bad-luck-brian           futurama-fry

These memes are so popular because they convey a message or an opinion shared by a majority of people, over popular social medium. The instantaneous ability to acquire these meme’s increases their popularity as they are shared especially. Memes are also very short to read and do not require a lot of effort being put into them.

Viral videos makes money because of how quickly the videos are watched and shared. Big companies can place commercial on the video, which makes profit for the individual every time the video is viewed and watched. Also according to a new study by Jonah Berger, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, viral videos are famous because of the visceral emotions it arouses in the viewers. Berger argues that viral videos have the ability to excite the body in a spectrum of physiological changes, this heightened states makes it more likely for people to share information they viewed. `Similarly for  “Can I have a Cheezburger” website increased commercial,  advertisement, republish and share of these memes makes the website money.

For my meme creation, I used the popular app Ifunny, to create my meme, the app supplied me with the picture and I placed the caption.


Although the app does not tell how many people viewed the picture, it does inform you of how many people liked it, a like is also known as a smile. I received 3 smiles for the above memes. My meme did not really generate any buzz because Ifunny has about 100 thousand users who constantly input meme into a collective, hoping for it to get featured. Being featured means the meme or gif has generated a lot of smiles of likes therefore is being featured. Maybe with time my meme will generate more buzz.


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