Mock Final Exam Question’s: Jennifer Jones

Memes are a completely new phenomena and are spreading across the web like wild-fire. It’s how the internet is used, in most cases; to spread jokes, or even information. Viral sites like “Can I Have A Cheeseburger” can make money by allowing ads on their sites, if it gets a lot of views. An example of a famous meme is “Grumpy Cat,” I think Grumpy Cat was viral because it was relatable to just about anybody, and the cat’s face looked as if it were making a mean mug at someone. The popular cat appeared in TV commercials, and have more than 12 million views, and remakes online. My experience with meme making went well, I suppose. It has at least 400 loops, on Vine. It is a short 6 sec, video, which is relatable, short and straight to the point. I also tried to make it funny, like all the other vines that I watch on a daily basis.


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