The Evolution of Steve Jobs

By: Brian Gilfillan

Steve Jobs was one of the biggest innovators the world has seen. His contributions to the world of technology have been major keys to the progression of certain aspects of the communication. Steve Jobs has had a major impact on the world, and the groundwork he laid for technology will live on forever, even as the technology keeps growing. Walter Isaacson wrote the book, Steve Jobs, the year Jobs died in order to preserve and honor his memory because of the technological advancements he made for society.

In the book Steve Jobs, Jobs began his life as an adopted child who did not really fit in anywhere. He was put up for adoption by his birth parents, and was later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve Jobs always had a keen sense of knowledge for engineering and design. He used these skills to later team up with Steve Wozniak. The two would become two of the smartest innovators of our time with their inventions and designs. They instantly clicked and began working on ideas for a business. In Silicon Valley, Jobs and Wozniak came up with the idea of Apple and they began to design the entire corporation.

Jobs and Wozniak started off their famous partnership by creating the blue box, a device that allowed people to make long-distance phone calls for free. Unfortunately for them, they were held at gunpoint and robbed of all of their merchandise. This forced them to drop the project and split apart for a while. The blue box project kick started their ideas for computers because they realized the potential that they had together. Later on, Jobs attended Reed College after this experience, but would later drop out after one year because of his distaste for class.

After dropping out of college, Jobs and Wozniak combined again to form Apple I. This was the start of one of the greatest companies of the modern era, Apple. Wozniak had a vision for a personal computer in which one could function in their own home. Jobs found a way to profit off of this invention after Wozniak was hesitant to sell his product. They sold one hundred computers to computer companies and to friends. After just one month, Apple became profitable. Walter Isaacson describes the way that Jobs wanted to fix and update his Apple computer. Jobs always wanted to make his inventions better and new. Which is why he updated the presentation of the computer and the actual software that was being produced. With the help of former business partners, Jobs was able to get enough funding to launch Apple II. This new and improved version of the computer sold six million units as the company continued to grow and become more popular throughout the world.

Steve Jobs had the vision to create such an amazing company like Apple. This company evolved so much under Jobs, starting with the original Apple computer and growing all the way to the iPhone. With his constant desire to create technology that would make every day life easier for people, he helped change the way that we look at technology. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to step down from the position of CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs was always following his heart, which led him to leading Apple. Jobs explains his drive in this quote, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

This book is a good way to learn about how Steve Jobs was able to become such a successful businessman. Walter Isaacson does a great job in highlighting Jobs’ technological and business savvy as he became more and more successful. The reader is able to see Jobs’ reasoning behind every move he made and why Apple was so important to him. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the evolution of technology, specifically Apple products. Ultimately, I believe that most people enjoy the story of Steve Jobs and would gladly sit down and read this fantastic book.


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