How Spotify has Evolved by Michelle Pooran and Carla Cornejo

Spotify is a commercial music streaming app that allows you to listen to unlimited free music. It is evident why many people around the world have become attracted to this app. This app was founded in 2006, and started in 2008. The music is provided by record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. One can use Spotify on any device such as phone, computer, iPad… etc. One can use this app without paying. But this however, includes listening to advertisements every six songs. One can also use this app by purchasing premium which costs around $4.99, which removes the ads. Something that made this app even better was that there was a student discount available. This definitely attracted the youth to purchase Spotify premium. Another reason for why Spotify is becoming more popular is because it streams a lot faster than apps like Pandora or iHeart Radio. The fact that it is free and you can listen to whatever music you’d like attracts users. Over time it has replaced music sites such as iTunes, Google play and Pandora. With Spotify, you can skip as many times as you want, an advertisement will pop up every now and then and you can create your own playlists and “follow” your friend’s playlists.

We asked a few students around campus to see what their opinions on this technology was. We asked them if they used spotify and how often. We also asked them how they think it has evolved and what it has replaced. Our friend Bria said she uses spotify all the time and she believes it has replaced Pandora because she has unlimited access to whatever music she wants and can skip how many times she wants. She has spotify premium, and she pays for it because she thinks it is worth paying at the student discount for an ad-free listening experience. Our friends Britney and Eli do not have spotify premium because they were okay with the advertisements, and still enjoy listening to their music even with the limitations. Another first-year here at Loyola, Eva, subscribed to spotify premium because she was tired of paying $1.30 and believed that was a waste of her money. She would rather pay a monthly subscription at the student discount for an unlimited variety of music.

Over the years, Spotify has gone through an extensive “evolution”. The company’s biggest obstacle since it’s beginning has been the many viruses that have been taking over the system. Through donations, the industry itself has innovated by developing stronger software to combat these viruses. They have also improved their marketing by adding the facebook connectivity, which has greatly increased their number of users. By connecting to facebook, users can connect to their friends and discover even more music. The “premium” account also innovated the user accessibility by giving people the option of better listening quality.


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