Spotify – Bringing change to the music industry as we know it.

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to stream music from their phones, tablets, and computers.   Spotify lets users listen to and share any song by any artist.  This sounds like every other music streaming service, however what makes Spotify unique are three important features.  Spotify is able to dominate the online radio industry and the mp3 industry all while incorporating a social media aspect under one main hub.  Not to mention Spotify offers free and paid access, obviously with restrictions to free access. The first feature that makes Spotify so successful is the access to online radio.  Essentially killing Pandora simply due to the GUI and the fact that you can access all your music and radio in one application.  Other than that, Spotify’s radio is exactly the same as pandoras, including a set number of skips allowed, and periodic advertisements.  Paid subscribers are not subject to this. The second feature that allows Spotify to dominate the music industry is the access to Spotify’s entire music database for free users.  With the setback of periodic advertisements, users are able to choose the exact artist and album that they desire.  Although this feature is only available for free users on their computer, paid subscribers are able to access the database on their phones or tablets. Lastly, is the incorporation of social media.  If there is one thing to boost an applications popularity, it is the ability to share what you are doing with friends.  Spotify allows users to create and share playlists and liked songs with their friends.

We interviewed a few students about their opinions of Spotify and if they use it.  Not surprisingly, most students said they use Spotify except for a few who illegally download their music.  The students that do use Spotify said they use it because of convenience. With all mp3 services available in one place, whats not to like?  One student even mentioned that he shared his playlist with friends, who then wanted him to “DJ” at their party.

Spotify was able to dominate the music industry namely due to simplicity and ease of use.  Instead of having to buy songs individually, you only have to pay a subscription fee, and listen to whatever, whenever you want.  This innovation essentially killed iTunes (along with piracy), the number 1 mp3 service.  By having all music in one place, a user is able to find new music by listening to radio, and then find and add the song to their playlist.  As a result of these innovations, Spotify has claimed the new title as the big mp3 service.  Finally, there is a huge backing by artists of Spotify because of its positive effects on the music industry.


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