Media Technology – Pandora by James Nemia and Brian Franceschelli

Pandora internet radio is a company that offers music radio online based on various genres, artists, and songs that are picked by the listener.  Once a genre, artist, or song is selected Pandora generates a radio station filled with music based on the criteria from the selected song.  The station then uses the Music Genome Project (which is their major technological development) to select what music you are going to hear following your first selection. The Music Genome Project is a project run by 25 researchers who personally categorize songs based on over 400 different categories or elements related to music, such as theme, melody, and rhythm. (For more about the Music Genome Project, there is a video shown below.)

Some of the market development for Pandora includes the creation and marketing for Pandora One which is the “second tier” of Pandora where for a per month or per year fee you are given Pandora’s internet radio without advertisements, possibly through a desktop application.  Another technology development for Pandora is their integration into cars, which has come about through cellular signals and wifi in cars.  Pandora radio in cars competes both directly and indirectly with satellite radio, FM/AM radio, and iTunes radio.

Pandora is classified as internet radio so it is regulated just like the internet, but there are also copyright laws which closely regulate what they can and cannot play on their radio.  They also pay a premium for the songs they play,  which is why they will stop playing after 4 hours, because they want to make sure there is a listener.

Overall Pandora as a technological product has not really evolved since it came out.  It’s only really evolved from a web platform to an app, now to a service within automobiles.

For more about the Music Genome Project, see the video below:


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