Instagram (Bobby Gordon and Dominic Belmonte)

Instagram logo.png Instagram is a free online photo-sharing social media application.  This application is a place where a user can take and post a photo or short video and let their friends see it.  Your friends have to follow you to be able to see your pictures.  Instagram lets people share a story through a photo and caption.   It lets a user tag their friends in a photo and put a caption to it. It has a feature that lets a user put filter on the photo that they are posting to make the picture look better.  Another cool feature it has is that it lets users connect to Facebook so their Facebook friends can see that they have a Instagram account.  Instagram was created in 2010 and has been on the rise ever since.  As of now I believe it is on top when it comes to social media.

Going around campus, we I asked Loyola students what their favorite social media website/ application is.  Almost all of them said Instagram.  However, we got many different reasons on why it is their favorite.  The answer we received the most was that people would rather look at pictures of their friends an see what they have been up too through a picture rather than 140 characters through twitter or a Facebook post.   It is more interesting and they can get more out of someone’s life through a picture rather than just words. Facebook is now overloaded with advertisements and that leads people away.  Instagram barely ever has ads.  Another big reason that people find Instagram more appealing is the user is only following the people they care about.  All of the people we interviewed said they have 600+ friends on Facebook and less than 100 friends on Instagram.  On social media, people are more interested in their close friends rather than a person you are randomly friends with on Facebook.  We also asked if Instagram was always their favorite social media applications and all of the interviewees said no.  They used to like Facebook or Twitter the best, but now its all Instagram.

Before Instagram, Facebook was the medium for picture sharing on the internet. Facebook allowed users to connect with a large amount of their friends on a global scale. Instagram built off of this by implementing a follower system so that people would not only be able to connect with their immediate friends, but also their favorite celebrities. The increasing desire to connect with not only friends but also celebrities catapulted Instagram to the top of the social media industry. This change from the friend method on Facebook allowed Instagram to individualize itself and reach the top of the app download boards across the world.


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