Facebook – Brian Gilfillan and Marc Acevedo

Facebook is a social networking website that is primarily made to connect friends and family through many different facets of communication, such as pictures, wall posts, and groups.  You can add users who you have common friends or interests with and you are then able to talk to them through the chat feature.  It is a great way to stay in touch with people you went to school with or friends who have moved away and you do not really see anymore.  Over the years, Facebook has combined with many other social media applications, Instagram and Spotify, in order to give the users a better experience out of the website.

We received many different opinions about Facebook when we went around campus to ask people how they felt about the website.  Not many people use it as religiously as they do applications such as Instagram or Snapchat, but most people have an account.  Facebook is slowly becoming less and less popular with our generation, however, many people still go on it to see what their friends from other school are doing.  We asked someone if he uses Facebook frequently, and he said, “I used Facebook a lot at the beginning of high school. I would post statuses all the time, but now I rarely post anything and I sometimes post pictures.”  Facebook is mostly used for posting photo albums now, as opposed to a couple years ago when people would post statuses all of the time.  Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has changed the outlook of the website, which really effects the way people actually use the website.  With Twitter and Instagram becoming more popular, different facets of Facebook have been hurt because people turn to those other applications to post their information. Even with all of these new websites and applications, people still seem to be checking Facebook just to pass the time or see what their friends are doing.

Ultimately, Facebook is not the main social media outlet people check anymore.  Instead it is mostly Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.  It is, however, something for people to look at when they are bored or do not want to do their homework.

It was very easy for Facebook to grow to prominence among other social networking sites because of its very concept. It was a step forward from the previously dominant Myspace. Facebook allowed for users to seamlessly find friends, share photos, videos, and your personal experiences from connected friends from near and far. Facebook revolutionized the way friends connect and for a while, at least personally, it was the main form of communication among young peoples, especially those in college and high school. Just popular as it used to be in some demographics, Facebook has helped forge the path for the betterment of social networking site and to this day as shown by recent surveys, Facebook is still the social network of choice among participants.


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