The Evolution of Twitter by Lauren Fabiszak and Jennifer Jones

Twitter is a website that allows fast and easy access to its users. Twitter allows you to use 140 characters or less to get out a thought or idea to your followers. Most people can agree that being able to read things while also not having to read a whole blog post worth of words to understand a point or to receive a message is great. When it comes to the internet and focusing on what and why we choose to use the websites that we do, the answers can usually vary depending on the person. Focusing mainly on Twitter, we believe that the creators of this website had a great plan in mind.

We went around campus asking various different people their views on this app, and seeing just why they choose to use it over others and what exactly made them choose it. We also asked what platform they used before the evolution of Twitter. The answers made it clear to that Twitter was a main outlet when it came to getting on the latest topics from big names in the celebrity culture. Joey P. said, “I use Twitter because I like how I can easily see what people are saying about big trends, like the Oscars, and music award shows.” Another student named Brady said, “Yeah, I can agree with that. It beats having to read so much just to get to the point. That’s why I like Twitter, you don’t have the option to tweet a lot. You just get your point across.” We then asked our friend Alexis what did used before Twitter and she simply said , “Myspace.” When asked why she transferred from that website, she said, “well, everyone was leaving Myspace, and me being young and a follower of the “hype” crowd, I gave in too and went to Twitter. I did like how all my favorite celebrities were also tweeting, and how I could check updates straight from them.”

While analyzing many different people, we came to the conclusion that the simpler the better for a website design. Twitter is easy and not complicated at all to understand. The evolution of Twitter came at the perfect time, and for the perfect reason. Twitter came to be about to give its users a new and exciting way to connect with their friends in real life and connect with those of the same interests. 

The evolution of Twitter came when cell phones were the newest and most necessary commodity. On March 21, 2006 Twitter first launched, and it it didn’t take long for people to catch on. Twitter proceeded the top instant messaging website of it’s time, “”. While AIM could send short messages to friends or strangers, there was no sense of community and wasn’t personal enough. Twitter, in essence, expanded on these ideas and made people able to have a profile picture, display name, and 140-character biography.

Not only is Twitter available on the web, but it being an application for all cell phones makes it more accessible and popular. The point of Twitter is to post short tidbits of information,  so since everybody nowadays has their phone with them 24/7, it makes it easier to post quick updates when news breaks or simply on the go. At first, Twitter only had the capability to “tweet” messages, but since then it has expanded its software to posting/viewing pictures and videos without being directed to an alternate link and send pictures via direct message. Twitter is also free to use because companies can purchase a “trending topic” to promote their business, although it doesn’t get in the users’ faces like Facebook does. Since it’s available all over the world and “short, sweet, and to the point”, Twitter has changed the way people view and report news, now mainly centered around citizen journalism.


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