Pandora by James Nemia and Brian Franceschelli

Pandora was the Internet’s first major online radio. It allows users to pick either the genre of music they want to listen to or the kid of bands they want to listen to and Pandora will select a station for you with related music to what requested to listen to.  It is a free online service, so the way it makes its money is brief advertisements between every couple songs.

After going around campus interviewing people, we were able to come to some sort of conclusion.  Most people agreed that they used Pandora more a few years ago rather than now.  In the present day there are many more options for listening to music online.  For example there is Spotify now, a music service that allows you to create playlists that you can share with your friends through the website or through Facebook.  On the other hand some people that still use Pandora today say they use it now more than ever because they can plug their phone into an aux cord in the car and play Pandora in the car instead of listening to just the radio.

Pandora has changed from one of the most popular options to one of the lower options over the last 5 years.  I think that Spotify had the better plan by connecting with Facebook, and Pandora got lost in the dust after that.


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