Cameron Smith and Hilary Cochran – How do people use Netflix

Netflix is a technology which allows you to watch television series on you laptop or smart television. It is very popular among college students due to its low price and popularity. Netflix along with a handful of other T.V. watching platforms have grown to have a large following. The other two large platforms are Amazon and Hulu from which you can also watch television shows from. Initially they battled for viewers attention with the traditional tv businesses but upon realizing the connivence of Netflix people began to switch sides. Now they are the top dogs and need to protect their newly acquired business from all of the new internet streaming such as the xfinity on campus we had here just a few days ago. The largest force that caused Netflix to change and become more popular was the demand of the market. A lot has changed since the company start in 1997 and there is much more change to come in order to keep competitive with the traditional tv businesses.


After class on Monday we went around to a number students and asked them all the same question, “How do you use Netflix?” I got a good amount of different answers ranging from, “Its a distraction” to “I don’t have Netflix.” 3 of the people talked to who had Netflix talked about it as a distraction as well as a way to relax right before they fall asleep. All of which did not even bother to sign up for the free online streaming from xfinity we had last week. The simple reason was their loyalty to Netflix and feeling no need to change regardless of price or newness. A couple other students claimed it to be a brutal distraction that they are “obsessed” with and admit to watching it over studying for exams or preparing for class. All of the other answers we received followed the same guidelines. I think it its safe to say that people who have Netflix are very happy with it but can sometimes get too caught up in their favorite tv series. Others who do not have Netflix (yet) say they do not want to spend the money to do something they can do for free with a tv and a cable wire.

One individual we spoke to admitted he was scared to try it because it would prevent him from getting any work done. At the time I chuckled to  myself at how foolish that sounded but looking back on it he makes a very good point. What would a college student be able accomplish without the distraction of Netflix? I would give an answer along the lines of procrastinators will be procrastinators no matter what they use.

In order to explain the evolution of Netflix we must first start at the beginning. The company started after Reed Hastings racked up a $40 late fee charge while renting Apollo 13. The company started out as sending movies in the form of disks in the mail where you could keep it as long as you wanted then send it back when you are finished. The company spent roughly six years developing the perfect shipment container for a disk which was save, effective, and cost efficient. All an individual would have to do is pay the low monthly fee and they will never have to pay a late fee ever again.This led to the demise of all the movie rental company’s including Walmart and most famously Blockbuster. The ironic part is Reed Hastings actually took a trip to talk to the CEO of Blockbuster to talk about a possible partnership. But the offer was turned down and years later in 2013 Blockbuster went bankrupt. In 2007 the company blew up after it introduced streaming of your favorite tv show on your personal laptop. From there on the company has skyrocketed and has just recently launched in 6 new countries. I did however find a very interesting article in the Loyola Database about the rise and future fall of Netflix which I highly suggest to anyone who watches Netflix.


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