Growing up in an Urban area by Jennifer Jones

I chose to tell a story about how I was raised in an Urban city, for my ‘My Story’ project. I chose to do this because growing up here in Baltimore is such a great thing to me, and I feel as though it is mainly part of why I am the person that I am. I feel as though if people know this about me, or see this through my eyes, they’ll be able to connect with who I am. The hardest part of this project was gather the right pictures that can get this message across. As I was making this, the only question I had for mys self was, “Will people who view this understand how this city made me who I am?” I think that by me  piggy-backing off of that and coming up with some great visuals and sounds to pull this off, was what I did well here. I think the best part of my video is the different sights and wonders I added in my story, to visually portray who I am.


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