Celebrity Research Project. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey

Ellen DegeneresOWS-showpage2

Forty years ago, celebrities were only known based on what the media such as television and newspaper posted of them.  The public did not really feel a personal connection with these celebrates except via watching their movies and memorizing the main lines. However in this day and age with the use of social media apps such as twitter, Instagram, celebs are able to show the human aspect of themselves. Forty years ago celebs were worshiped as gods however with celebs posting pics of themselves doing everything a person does, it’s easier to feel a close and personal relationship with them. Back then, the media is able to influence the public’s opinion on celebrities, however now a days celebrities have the ability to form public opinions regarding themselves.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are currently two of the most influential women right now in the communication industry.  Ellen currently has a TV show dubbed the ellen degeneres show while Oprah Winfrey used to have the Oprah Winfrey show however currently heads her own network called OWN TV.  Both women are talk show hosts, and appeal to all aspects of the American lives on their shows.  I followed both women on twitter to understand the different strategies and techniques implemented by both women.

Ellen DeGeneres is a well-known pubic figure and comedian and is even well known for her weekly show known as the Ellen DeGeneres show. The ellen degeneres show has been nominated for 11 Emmy awards. Ellen has a very big public figure, is married to super model Portia de Rossi and has  Ellen has 40.7 million followers.  From her twitter account, Ellen appears to be the person actively sending her tweets, it appears she does not utilize a social media representatives. Ellen appears to be popular with women in their late 20’s and early 30’s. In order to drawn in a younger crowd she uses twitter and actively engages with her audience by showing them previews of what is to come of her show, previews of trailers, and uses has tags. For example she posted on her twitter a preview of a trailer for the Pixar new movie that has not been seen by the general public, by doing this she shows that she cares and is exhibiting her love for her fans. Ellen mentions and follows other celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, the first lady and Justine Bieber. Ellen has lots of videos and pics from her show, from music videos and pictures and references that her fans can easily understand like a throwback video of a Brittany spears music video. Ellen finds a way to incorporate her shows to keep her fan base, and tweets pictures of Justin Bieber, and the glee cast to attract the younger generation.

Oprah Winfrey, owner of the OWN network, is an actress, producer and philanthropist, dubbed the “Queen of Media” she is considered one of the most influential women in the media industry. The Oprah Winfrey Show aired for 25 seasons and received 47 Daytime Emmy awards. Oprah not only runs her own network called OWN TV, she also has the Oprah reading club, and the Oprah magazines. With all these activities she needs and avenue to contact and connect with her fans which she does via twitter. Oprah currently has 29.6 million followers on twitter. Oprah tweets inspirational quotes and uses hash tags for her show, an example being #soulsunday which is a show on her OWN network.  Oprah seems to appeal to the older generation, her quotes are also inspirational and Philosophical. Oprah does not seem to have a media representative and does not tweet as much. She does not have a lot of videos, only quotes and hash tag and she does not seem to comment on her personal life.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are both influential women in the media industry and use social media to connect with fans. Since the people who tune into Oprah are older women and older fan base, she does not tweet as much instead uses her magazine and her TV show as a way of connecting with fans. Oprah only tweets about her shows and does not include a lot of video however Ellen DeGeneres is quite the opposite. She tweets multiple times a day, include videos, re tweets, hash tags and etc. Both women uses social media as different ways to help connect to their fans.


As part of my celebrity research I interviewed three people who followed a wide range and variety of people. The first person interviewed followed a sports team, another a star player from a football sports team, while the last participant followed a reality TV Star.


The first participant Dan follows Washington Red Skins star player RG3 also known as Robert Griffin the third. Dan is drawn to RG3 because he is a dual threat quarterback, he is seen as the Red Skins savior, and he had an amazing year and took the Red skins to the playoffs. RG3 actively engages with his fans via twitter. Robert Griffin the third is currently in physical therapy due to tearing his ACL so he posts motivational quotes, and pictures of his progress during physical therapy. In doing this, he attempts to motivate his fans and the Washington Red Skin fan that he is doing well and will return back to the football game.

Chealsea football team

D.J follows the Chelsea soccer team on twitter, because he is an avid soccer fan. The Chelsea is an England soccer team with 5.2 million follower, they actively interact with fans by tweeting about games, and asking people to engage in prizes and etc. Since the Chelsea Soccer team has a twitter account, it is very possible that the twitter account is being managed by a social media expert who knows how to get fans engaged an excited. The team post tweets of the game, and engages fans by encouraging participation of gifts, prizes and signed items such as jerseys and football of the players. It is possible that the individual on the teams have their own twitter accounts which they manage individually.

kim kardashian

Taylor is drawn to Kin Kardashian amazing fashion sense, and the entertainment she provides. Kim Kardashian actively involves with her followers by using all medium of social media such as Instagram and twitter. Kim actively tweeting about her day, and hash tags other celebrities, and friends. Kim’s ability of constantly posting enables the public and her fans to feels closer to her on a personal level.

The advancement of social media, has created an increased false  sense of personal attraction to celebrities and has greatly personalized celebrities.


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