Celebrity Project: Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres by Hilary Cochran and Cam Smith

Celebrities are famous, they’re known, they’re successful, and they’re looked up to. They are a lot of the things we wish to be. Humans are inherently driven by success. We are competitive. We all want to be the best. Celebrity is seen to be one of the highest levels of success in this world. Why else would they be famous if they weren’t good at what they do.

It is only natural for us to grow up and follow celebrities. We acquire most of the knowledge we have today by coping others. We look to the examples of others and learn from their mistakes. It’s less painful than getting injured in our own mistakes. It’s only fitting that we look up to the celebrity instead of an ordinary person because their success is obvious and flaunted, their mistakes and problems are hidden. Easily they are seen as more successful and we therefore copy the successful traits that gained them power and status.

Celebrities communicate with us though a variety of platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and even Snapchat now. Taylor Swift, for example, uses all of those forms of social media besides Snapchat to connect with her fans. This much exposure tightens the bond felt by the fan to her. With the exposure Taylor has, she still manages to remain private. Her posts are a combination of both personal and promotional. However, fans are easily able to tell when her posts are from her and when they are from her managers. She shares her likes and thoughts. She also gives us a peak into her personal life, both family and friends, with the Instagram pictures she posts. Another active celebrity on social media is Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen uses all of the social media platforms listed. Similar to Taylor, Ellen is promotional and personal, but more promotional. She is more present and posts multiple times a day, unlike Taylor who posts only a couple times a week. She does hilarious Throwback Thursdays on Instagram, Classic Joke Fridays, You’re Welcome Wednesdays (life hacks), and posts clips from her shows. Her Snapchat gets fans even closer by self-shot videos from onstage her set and of her guests.

After observing both Ellen and Taylor on social media, we interviewed a couple students around campus to see what effects celebrities have on them. All students agreed that they had a stronger connection to Taylor because she is closer to our age and she’s more relatable. Following Ellen was mainly for humor. The most popular source to connect with celebrities was Instagram and Twitter. Only a few people kept up with celebrities on Instagram and Facebook.


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