How Cara Delevingne and Chris Evans relate to their fans by Michelle Pooran and Carla Cornejo

Cara Delevingne is a british model and actress whose most famous on social media for her beauty and wacky personality. Her most prominent social media outlets are twitter, instagram, and facebook.  She is known to stand up for many issues she believes in and makes sure everyone knows them. Another good way of getting attention is the when she posts pictures with other well-known celebrities her fans might admire. She also uses her social media pages to promote other individuals’ projects or work.

Chris Evans is an actor who also uses twitter and facebook often. He seems to gain the most popularity by the way he shows his appreciation to his fans and other people’s works. His posts seem to be less about his career, but more about everyday events. Like Cara, he tries to communicate with people by being relatable and discussing ideas everyone can understand. They both also connect to their fans through their humorous personalities.

We asked four students at Loyola University what their opinions were on these public figures and tried to relate them to our research. We asked them to choose one of the two celebrities and explain why they believe the public figure resonates with them the most. Student #1 explained that Cara Delevingne “is attractive, appeals to young women, and starts trends.” A similar response was given by Student #2 who believed “Cara is a figure of beauty to teenagers and many people, like myself, like to follow her projects and interviews.” Our research on her humorous personality seemed to be reflected in Student #4’s response when she explained that “Cara is funny and following her instagram brightens my mood. She is not afraid to say what she wants and has strong opinions on important subjects.” It seems the students that picked Cara believed she connects with more people because of her beauty, personality, and opinions. They also mentioned an appreciation for the attention she gives to her fans and how relatable she is. Another interesting point is that all the students that picked Cara were female. The only male interviewed, Student #3, was a fan of Chris Evans because “his name sticks out more to male teenagers like myself and someone like Cara would seem to appeal to women more.”

The information that we collected helped further our analysis on how students view certain celebrities such as Chris Evans and Cara Delevingne. It is evident that students connect with these public figures due to their ability to manage social media. Stars use apps such as Instagram and Facebook to communicate with their fans in different ways. Ultimately, we can see from the responses we acquired, that students/fans do connect with their role models.


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