Celebrity Research Project: Rob Gronkowski and Dick Vitale

Brian Gilfillan and Marc Acevedo

We began following Rob Gronkowski and Dick Vitale on Twitter to see how they interacted with their fans through social media. Gronkowski is fond of tweeting motivational expressions to his fans that help them get through the day. Also, he promotes different events and merchandise through retweets in order to strengthen his brand. Gronkowski is known for having childlike moments on and off the football field, which is why he is such an entertaining person to follow. Dick Vitale, on the other hand, likes to interact with his fans through responding to their tweets and uploading pictures with his fans. Dick Vitale is a very animated person and likes to show his emotions about different events, like basketball games. He is one of the most known college basketball commentators and enjoys being involved with the fans, which is why he interacts with them through twitter.


Upon the first analysis we found that our friend Bridget closely follows Selena Gomez. Bridget finds herself addicted to the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez drama and can not seem to pull herself away. Along with that Bridget finds it amusing that Selena is so thankful to her fans and thinks that it is appealing that Selena is one of the few celebrities that refuses to forget the people that made her career happen.

The second person that we interviewed was our friend Leigh. Leigh is a major fan of Jimmy Fallon and was jumping for joy when he inherited the “Late Night” spot! As time has gone on she has enjoyed his famous celebrity interviews and thinks that his games and jokes are innovative and refreshing. Only time will tell what Jimmy will do, but it is a fact that Leigh will be watching.

The third person interviewed, our friend David, was an avid fan of Miley Cyrus. Dave thinks that the provocative style of Miley Cyrus is something to be admired and is constantly amused by what she posts. Cyrus is known to appease her fans with new and unprecedented material that leaves the media amazed and guessing,

Our next interview, with Tom Sorrentino, thinks that the twitter account of Pitbull is absolutely infatuating. Tom is a fan of almost everything Pitbull puts out, and thinks that all of Pitbull’s songs are instant hits on the radio. Throughout Pitbull’s career Tom has and always will be a fan.

Lastly, our friend Lizzy says that Leonardo Decaprio will always be her favorite celebrity. Due to the great movies and interesting press moves, Leo has created a large fan base. Lizzy loves the looks of Leo Decaprio, but also enjoys that great acting talent and phenomenal personality that Decaprio has become known for.


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