Celebrity Research Project: Kanye West vs Ellen Degeneres by Jennifer Jones

Bobbing and weaving through Starbucks cafe, I began to talk to several different strangers who gave me their spiel on which celebrity they mostly felt close with and why and when they felt the closets to the celebrities. Though the answers varied from Kylie Jenner, because of her style to former Country singer Taylor Swift, it was clear to see that most people agreed that they felt closest to their idol through social media, because it bridges the gap of time. Brittney B. stated that, “I no longer have to wait until an album is formed to see what’s going on in J. Cole’s life, I can just check Twitter, and see for myself, directly from him what he’s been up to.” Brittney was not he only one who felt this way, several others said that Social Media websites such as Instagram, and Facebook made the connection to the celebrity more realistic, and they actually felt like they were friends with their idol, simply because of how the celebrity takes time out if their day to tweet fans, back, leak updates, and actually befriending them online. Although this was the popular vote, not everyone liked to follow their favorite celebrity on social media. Student, Matt F. said, “I like viewing Morgan Freeman on the TV, and I doubt I’d follow him on Twitter… Just because I like his persona, and the fact that in movies you can hear his voice, which sounds like God.”  I’d say that this generation of young adults would gladly choose interacting with a celebrity on a Social Media site, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter simply because of the quick and reliable resources they offer, and the fact that you can access them in the palm of your hand.

After studying Kanye West and Ellen Degeneres Twitter account for a period of days, I see the different uses you can choose to use these Social Media Sites as. I see how Ellen D. makes plenty of  jokes on a day to day basis, tweet pictures, and talk back and forth with some of her other fellow celebrities. Ellen also follow over 39K people, including fans and viewers of her show. In the A-list world this is extraordinary and very rare; to prove that statistic, I decided to size her up to Kanye West. Now, over on Mr. West’s Twitter account you’ll see very little if any interactions with his fans. Kanye mainly just tweet his ideas, and thoughts, which are usually about how he had to over come fame, because it was looked down upon, in the design/fashion industry.  On his account, you’ll see that he almost never talks or replies to fans. And Kanye doesn’t follow anyone, except one person, and that’s Kim Kardashian. Yes, Kanye and Ellen differ in many different ways. One major way is that Ellen is a talk show host, and Kanye is a music artist. Both are equally talented in many other different fields, but over all, this is what they’re known for. Ellen reaches out to her audience through TV. Kanye utilizes music to speak on greater issues, that are beyond himself, and he also use music to let the people know what he’s about and what he stand for. This is why I think we can see a major difference in Kanye’s Twitter verses Ellen’s.


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