Blade Runner Analysis – by Michelle Pooran and Carla Cornejo

Blade Runner (1982) is a critically-acclaimed film that posed a big question for viewers to think: what does it really mean to be human? In the film, Replicants are created that look and act just like humans. The movie takes place in Los Angeles in 2019, where earth has seemed to develop into a dystopian society. Los Angeles itself looks rainy and dull, and although it is very technologically developed, slums and poverty are evident. Deckard, a blade runner, is supposed to seek the replicants, which are banned from earth, and eliminate them. The movie is popular among sci-fi fans and is still considered a classic today.


Blade Runner has been so influential to our society and has contributed enormously to all the technological advancements we have made until this day. This film was initially not successful and received criticism about what exactly the moral of the film was. As people began to analyze what the movie was actually attempting to display, they realized that it was essentially depicting the relationship between humans and technology. The idea of Artificial Intelligence was not popular during the 80’s. Blade Runner, however redefined the possible. It allowed human beings to make the thought/ idea of AI become even more developed.


Some of the most interesting aspects this film are the ways that the it pushes the limits of the definition of being human. The relationships between the characters in Blade Runner, changed throughout the film. The movie comments on humanity and ethics by having the characters navigate the relationships between humans and non-humans.Deckards relationship with Rachael is an example of the concept of love and humanity shown in the movie, when Deckard is supposed kill her, however he ends up falling in love with her. ​


So what makes us human? Some Replicants, like Rachael, show human emotions while the humans themselves are showing no sympathy towards those who only want to live a human life. The question about artificial intelligence and what makes us human is more relevant today because of how we have advanced technologically and how much more realistic the possibility of major technological advancements are.


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