Blade Runner – Cameron Smith and Hilary Cochran

Blade runner is a movie about an advanced society, which created an advanced being to perform tasks considered too dangerous for humans to do. These robots or genetically engineered replicates are designed by the Tyrell Corporation and given all the achievable qualities of a human being. These replicates or “skin jobs” are visually identical to humans and are only detected by their lack of emotional responses and empathy. From the point of their creation they are given a four-year lifespan and make attempts to escape to earth in order to lengthen it. The bioengineered beings are banned from Earth and upon trespassing are hunted down and killed by the Blade Runners. We specifically follow a Blade Runner by the name of Rick Deckard who is given the task of finding and retiring a couple of escaped replicates.

This movie has a number of themes but the most prominent is what makes all of us human. This movie shows us we are more than the sum of our parts, what makes us human is not simply how we look but how we feel and how we think. Being human is having a sense of what is wrong and right, good and bad, moral and unmoral. The replicates are allowed to think logically but cannot extend far enough to think emotionally. They do not think of the repercussions of their actions and therefore are able to do whatever is necessary. This fatal flaw draws the audience to either sympathize or despise the replicates for the actions they have taken to save their lives.

We can relate the underling meaning back to “can computers be as intelligent as a human.” A general conclusion can be made that the replicates were far more robot and computer than they were human. They were created with the notion to believe they had real memories, feelings, and past lives. But they are unable to feel and think reasonably and have a conscience as a real human would. Our intuition and emotions are critical piece to what makes us human.


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