Blade Runner by the one and only Jennifer Jones

Throughout “Blade Runner” you see many different global topics that are geared towards the human race. You see symbolism, and visuals of what this world would be like if humans had the ability to be immortalized, dehumanized; and an over-all theme of how different human civilization would be if they technology continues to advance, is depicted throughout this film. I think that the reason that this film is such a huge hit with Sci-Fi is because you can see the android theme and you can see the relation to humans and the immortal style that is depicted throughout this film. Sci-Fi is known for going all out of the box with screen-writing, and with epic graphics and visuals in films. This movie graciously hits all of those views, right on the head. I think this movie in particular does Sci-Fi justice.

The film is supposedly taken place in Los Angeles, and the area looks as if it is futuristic. I say futuristic because we all envision the future to be filled with robots, and machinery. We also think that in the future technology will be so advance that we can begin to use it on ourselves, and we can become immortalized, which is somewhat depicted in this film. We also see how in the movie the mutants are doing things deemed impossible to a regular human, which is portrayed in this film.

In “Blade Runner” humans are still depicted as emotional beings. In the film, you see how they use humans in more ways than one. You see the connection between how humans would be used in real life; for instance, they gave humans emotional appeal, which ultimately determines whether or not the character was a human, or not. This goes to show that emotions are very powerful, therefore can be used in a film as such to portray just how powerful they are. This could possibly be a symbol for what humans should be doing, and one should treat another. I say this because maybe the film makers want their intended audience to see this implied message and to change, for the better. Although, I can be wrong.


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