Blade Runner Reaction

By James Nemia:

Blade Runner was a very interesting movie. The plot and idea behind the movie that these replicants were created and going around and needed to be killed was very intriguing. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was that it had moments that were very slow and after spacing out for 10 minutes during a boring scene I felt like I needed to go back again and again. The only thing I wish I saw more of is what life would have been like for normal people during this time. They didn’t really interact with many civilians; it was all focused on the Blade Runner. Other than these two things, I thought that the movie was good.

One reason this movie is so critically acclaimed among sci-fi movies is that for when it was made it does a great job depicting the future, and what they expected life to be like in a world with replicants running around being hunted down. They did a good job with the futuristic aspects of the flying cars and the details of the advanced city.

Although they are very limited, emotions are a very important part of this movie. For Deckard, he feels terrible every time he has to retire a replicant. Even though he is killing something that isn’t human, he still feels bad about it because it is almost like he is killing a real person. The lack of emotions from the replicants is also a key factor to the movie. The replicants were able to do whatever they want without thinking twice about it. This is the major difference between them and us. What makes us human is our emotions, and our sense what is right and wrong. The only thing that was surprising is that the lines are blurred between human and replicant when Deckard gets saved. I don’t understand why it was decided that he stay alive, because him being saved put a sense of morality into the replicant that shouldn’t have been there.


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