Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality means

  • Transparency: Internet access providers had to start disclosing how they were managing their networks.
  • No blocking: Internet access providers couldn’t block access to legal content or applications.
  • No discrimination:  Essentially, net neutrality. Internet access providers couldn’t favor one traffic source over another.

Net Neutrality impacts all regular americans who access the internet. Net neutrality would prevent all people from accessing the same amount of information, or type of information.

Net neutrality is an ongoing issue in todays society. With big contenders on both sides, like Verizon and Netflix, there have been many debates about the future of the internet. Net Neutrality is key for allowing all users to access the same Internet. Essentially, it is freedom of information. The issue that big corporations have with net neutrality is money. For example, Verizon thinks they should be able to charge Netflix more because Netflix takes up such a huge amount of their bandwidth. On the other hand, Netflix find it to be unfair to be charged more for the same Internet service, not to mention it would hurt their revenue.

In addition to affecting quality of service between corporations, without the protection of net neutrality, both users and corporations would have to pay more to ISPs. Users would have to pay more to access information and get good internet speeds, while corporations would have to pay more in order to get “vip” access for promoting their products.

Currently, Obama has proposed a plan to protect net neutrality, which would allow the FCC to regulate the Internet. The government has also upheld the laws of net neutrality with regards to the Verizon/Netflix incident. Verizon attempted to slow down user speeds when accessing Netflix in order to deter users from Netflix. When this information came to light, Netflix sued Verizon, and won in court.

At the same time, The GOP game plan on net neutrality is taking an offensive approach. Republicans are pursuing a strategy of investigation, legislation and complaining about the FCC making policy behind closed doors. GOP leaders are mounting a multi-pronged attack on Chairman Tom Wheeler’s rules, which would tighten regulation of Internet service providers to ensure all Web traffic is treated equally.


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