Kim Kardashian’s Outfits Changes T-Mobile – Carla Cornejo

At first glance, the #KimsDataDash seems like a harmless, comical commercial attempting to grasp audiences by featuring a big celebrity that is not really famous for much. The ad focuses on the data usage of T-mobile customers and how they can save their unused data for up to a year. The main aspect of this commercial is how it mocks the typical “PSA” ad that would be used to seek help for a specific cause like PETA, ASPCA, or other commercials to help poor children or the mistreatment of animals. T-mobile did a good job of even capturing the attention of those who are not fans of Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian begins her “PSA” while her title reads “Kim Kardashian West: Famous Person”. That already shows that the commercial intends to make fun of Kim’s status as a celebrity. She explains the “tragedy” that comes with losing data from your cell phone plan. In the background, sentimental music is playing, just like you would hear on a regular PSA. Kim keeps a serious facial expression as she talks about how saving unused data would help users follow her lavish lifestyle. She mentions her style, makeup, tennis backhand, and vacations. The ad cuts to different scenes in which she shows all the different aspects of her life. The purpose of the commercial is to engage the audience into watching the commercial because it is funny and then get them to get interested in becoming a t-mobile customer.

Kim Kardashian is known for having a big impact on pop culture, especially through the internet. The commercial criticizes the fact that Kim Kardashian is “self-absorbed” and does not stand out for a particular reason. It uses her as a symbol to emphasize the fact that she knows everyone is interested in whatever she does. Andy Boxall explains that “Kim Kardashian just wants your attention…she doesn’t have great offers, and has done absolutely nothing to change the mobile industry“. Even when people claim not to like her, her presence in the commercial still engages audiences. If anything, it could make Kim more likeable because she is able to participate in the commercial and make fun of herself.

The commercial also criticizes the impact PSAs have on audiences. Through the music and setting of the commercial, it means to mock how society is easily swayed by the serious commercials that mean to get money for a specific cause. The commercial also criticizes the fact that society does not invest their time into something substantial and they only care about things like Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle.

Of course, using a famous person like Kim Kardashian would impact the company in a big way. Even when she doesn’t have the greatest reputation, she was able to “break the internet” earlier this year, and that is exactly what could happen with this commercial. Not only has this commercial proven to be very popular, but it was aired during the Superbowl, a time when almost all of America is tuned in. T-Mobile did a great job in picking this time to air the commercial, and they will definitely see results economically.

I think the commercial definitely accomplishes its goal. The audience was engaged in the commercial, and people are still talking about it right now. Through mocking a PSA in a comedic way, and using a celebrity, they captured all kinds of viewers.


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