Crash The Superbowl – Middle Seat- Dominic Belmonte

Over the years Doritos, a FritoLay company, has established itself as a superpower in the potato chip industry. Every year they continue to amuse audiences with their annual Super Bowl commercial that is guaranteed to bring a smile to audiences faces around the world. This year Doritos hosted a competition, called “Crash the Super Bowl”, where they allowed fans to create their own potential Super Bowl commercials to be aired for millions of viewers worldwide. One of the winners this year created a commercial called “Middle Seat” which focuses on a man sitting in the aisle seat of a plane with an empty middle seat next to him. This man attempts to do just about anything to keep the seat available until he sees a beautiful woman enter the plane. He flashes his bag of Doritos and instantly she wants to sit with him. He is very excited until he sees that she has a baby with her and he realizes he has no shot of a relationship resulting from their seating arrangement.

In this ad Doritos attempts to appeal primarily to a younger group of men around the ages eighteen to thirty. They are appealing to single men as well because the viewers can assume that the man on the plane is single when he attempts to sit next to the pretty woman. Although this ad is framed for primarily men, its comedic tone helps it appeal to a wide variety of other people. Doritos has a history of funny commercials so when people see their logol on the screen, everybody instantly wants to watch. Doritos successfully includes a cute factor to this video as well because it includes an adorable baby that is sure to get a collective “aww” from anybody watching the ad.

Doritos also uses a wide array of symbols to get a deeper point across. In Doritos current campaign they are focusing on the idea, “for the bold”, so they attempt to present that in this ad. The main character in this ad acts boldly when he keeps pushing off everybody he doesn’t want next to him and he asks the woman to sit next to him. The ad promotes that because he is holding his Doritos, he is more bold. She also sees him as a more bold individual because he is holding the Doritos when he motions to her revealing that there is an empty seat next to him. The “for the bold” motto that Doritos is going for is a major factor of their current ad campaigns and this ad reveals them very well.

The Doritos reinforced their easygoing company with their comedic ad for another year and they were able to combine this with their new “for the bold” motto. Doritos already had one of the biggest fan bases in terms of their advertisements and this year, they used their “Crash the Super Bowl” idea since 2006 as an attempt to attract more viewers and capture an even larger fan base because it give their consumers a chance to make their own contribution to the Super Bowl.


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