RE2PECT – Ad Analysis

By: Brian Gilfillan

I chose to analyze the RE2PECT commercial made for Derek Jeter.  This was made with the sole purpose of recognizing the amazing career that Derek Jeter has had since he began playing baseball.  Jordan, a branch of Nike, did a good job depicting the amount of respect for Derek Jeter by incorporating many different types of media throughout the entire commercial.  Everyone in the country has nothing but respect for Derek Jeter, and that is what Jordan is trying to show.

The commercial starts off with the former New York Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard calling Derek Jeter to the plate.  According to ESPN, Bob Sheppard was one of the most respected announcers in any sport, which helped him earn the nickname “the voice of God.”  Having Sheppard call out Derek Jeter in the beginning of the ad really sets the tone and shows the dramatic approach that Jordan is trying to portray.  That is really aimed towards Yankee fans because Jeter and Sheppard are loved in New York, which makes this very emotional.  After Derek Jeter is called to the plate, the dramatic music begins and continues the emotional atmosphere of the entire commercial.  Dramatic music gives anything a better sense of importance and makes the viewers appreciate the commercial more.

The Jordan Brand really focuses on the act of tipping the hat to Derek Jeter.  This is an act the Jeter does very often when he plays baseball and it is a very high form of respect.  There are many emotional appeals in regards to this motion, because as the commercial continues, many people join in on the act of tipping their hat.  This shows the nationwide love and respect for Derek Jeter.  As the commercial continues, they show New York Mets players and Boston Red Sox fans involving themselves in the act of showing respect for Derek Jeter.  Usually, those two demographics show hatred and malice towards anything that has to do with the New York Yankees.  However, the impact that Derek Jeter has had on the game is understood by everyone in the country, which is why Jordan shows them tipping their hat.

Many celebrities and respected figures in the community are also shown in this commercial because of the respect that Derek Jeter deserves.  Celebrities such as Spike Lee, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Phil Jackson, Rudy Giuliani, Carmelo Anthony, and many others get involved in the act.  Seeing this many celebrities in the commercial enables the viewers to appreciate it because they know it is important.  Many of the celebrities shown are also New York icons, which shows the dedication to make this ad have a New York feel.  More importantly, the NYPD and NYFD are shown and they are some of the most respected people in the state of New York.  This political economy moment shows a sign of patriotism because they are some of the people protecting the United States.  Having them tip their hats to Derek Jeter is the ultimate sign of respect, especially for Jeter.  At those moments, the emotions are very strong and it gets everyone to realize that it does not matter who your sports allegiances are for: Derek Jeter is one of the most respected people in the sports world.

In conclusion, this commercial is a sign of respect for Derek Jeter.  The amount of people showing their love for him in this commercial is astounding, and that is the main message that the Jordan brand is trying to convey.  At the time of this commercial, it was Derek Jeter’s “home stretch” of his career and many people were extremely sad about it.  This was a way to appreciate the amount of respect that he has from everyone around the country and it shows just how many people loved to watch him play the sport of baseball.


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