Pampers by Pampers – Jennifer Jones

When it comes to advertisements, it’s all about moving and shaking your audience. One must know just what to say or do, in order to hook an audience. Not only do you have to know how to gather someone’s attention, and make sure that they received the message you were hoping to get across, you have to make sure that the way you present your product is the way that you want people to associate with your product as well. Some choose to market their product in extravagant ways, and some choose a totally different route. Some choose to go about it in a simple fashion, much like Pampers.

I chose the ‘Silent Night’ pampers ad that appeared on air December 1, 2014. In the ad there are close-up shots of babies sleeping, in their cribs. The baby’s faces seem to be glowing by which one can assume is the light from the moon, or maybe a simple night light, after all these are babies we’re talking about. Throughout the video the camera pans from one side of the babies face, to the other, and even catches the little flinches that babies do in their sleep. The babies that appear in the Pampers commercial are also all different races. Throughout the ad, the infamous song ‘Silent Night’ is playing in the background.

In order to have great sales, especially for a product like a baby’s pamper you have to be able to appeal to millions of people all over the world. Looking at Pampers from a political viewpoint, you can see how they strived to achieve this by including many different races of baby’s in their ad. By making their targeted audience broader that gave them the lead way to having a much successful brand that would be guaranteed to sell to people of different cultures.

The commercial’s main objective is to portray what a babies night would look like if they were to sleep in pampers, by Pampers. Not only is that message portrayed in a semiotic way by the babies in the commercial that are sleeping so peacefully, but also by the music that is playing throughout the ad. When people think of babies the first thing that usually comes to mind is how cute, and innocent they are. When thinking of a baby, you also have to keep the parents in mind too. We all know that babies can be a bit whiney and that sometimes they don’t always fall asleep, thus keeping the parents awake all night. But, what Pampers do to persuade their audience in to believing that by purchasing pampers by Pampers your nights will be filled with delightful silence.

The song ‘Silent Night’ gives the feeling of peaceful serenity, and sets a very beautiful tone to the commercial. Through a psychoanalytical lens, it’s not hard to see that the advertisers chose this song because not only was this advertisement released during Christmas and ‘Silent Night’ is heavily played throughout this time of the year, but also because it have the ability to make someone emotional at first listen. The song will automatically make the viewer think of how Christmas time is a time for family, love and laughter. And Pampers really want to be associated with family, and wants to be a huge role in a family’s life, by proving that you can depend on them.

In conclusion, Pampers is a very wholesome family brand, and chooses to grasp the attention of their intended audience in many different ways. The ways they chose to advertise their product has been very successful due to the fact that Pampers brand is “one of the world’s most iconic brands and now the #1 diaper brand worldwide, serving 25 million babies in more than 100 countries.”


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