Nike Risk Everything Ad Analysis – Marc Acevedo

Advertisements to the average viewer are just another means for multinational organizations to conjure up sales and increase customer demand for their product. To a more informed viewer however, advertisements are statements filled with implied meaning and focuses. Good advertisements of today cater to specific audiences, implicate certain meanings, and typically correlate the product advertised with some sort of idealistic status.

The advertisement I chose to write about is the Nike “Risk Everything” Commercial. The commercial begins with the camera on three of soccer’s biggest stars. Depicted is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and his home country of Portugal, Neymar Jr. of FC Barcelona and Brazil, and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United and England. It then progresses into each player’s respective point of view moments before a big match. The commercial then closes out with the slogan, “Nike Risk Everything.”

In particular, Nike places a lot of emphasis on pride and the honor. This acts as reason for the superstars to put it all on the line and perform when it matters. Nike holds contracts and sponsors these athletes for numerous reasons. Aside from their more than exceptional skill at soccer, they are looked upon as moral people who sit in good standing with the public. Because of this status as footballers and good people they are the perfect models for Nike to push their products. While I do not think that Nike is specifically targeting the fan base of these countries, I do think that they use that invocation of pride to relate to viewers. Similar to how these footballers play for their country, I think Nike is encouraging the viewer to do it for whatever it is that is important to them.

The ad also places a lot of emphasis on the status of the stars depicted. The footballers in the commercial are regarded as absolute sensations and receive the highest respect. As such though, they also have a lot of responsibility bestowed upon them. I believe Nike does this to emphasize the importance of the stars’ responsibility to perform at the highest level that they possibly can. While playing for them is for honor, it is also in support of their country and those who count on them. This can be seen as a correlation between an average person and their responsibility to always bring their best in the world today. Like the fans rely on the soccer players to perform so to do people rely on others to perform and provide.

Also, as previously mentioned, while I do not believe that Nike is targeting an audience in specific, I do believe that there are positive political correlations in the ad. By employing these stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar de Silva Santos, and Wayne Rooney, Nike actively gains leverage in the star’s respective home country. In general, it can be said that citizens of or people with lineage connected back to these countries will be more enticed or more inclined to purchase Nike products because of the use of nationalistic values.

In conclusion, I think that this Nike advertisement coupled with the advertisements in this campaign, like the Winner Stays commercial, actively work to invoke feelings of national pride, responsibility, and honor. Nike wishes not only for their brand to be connected with the world’s best athletes and the world’s biggest stage, but also for their brand to be synonymous with hard work, performance and success, which in my opinion they have done a good job at.


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