A Puppy’s Tale – Bobby Gordon

February 6, 2015

Budweiser Commercial Analysis

If you were to ask people what their favorite, most memorable 2015 Super Bowl commercial was, almost everyone will say that it was the “Lost Puppy” Budweiser commercial. This advertisement took the crown as best ad of the Super Bowl by far. It captivated audiences around the world and surely it will be remembered for a long time. Right off the bat, the commercial captured everybody’s attention and made them want to continue watching the commercial. The ad begins by showing a cute golden retriever puppy pop his head out of some hay. The sad music in the background and the cute puppy makes audiences curious what there is to be sad about and then forces them to want to watch the whole ad. The next shot reveals the ad is a Budweiser commercial because it shows the signature Budweiser Clydesdale. The puppy then leaps into the wrong car as it drives away causing it to be removed from its home. The puppy is lost and wandering around when we see the owner of it and the Clydesdales upset reactions to their lost puppy. The commercial did a great job of including an emotional appeal with the sad music that plays throughout the advertisement. Audiences’ hope the puppy gets back home safely, and want to know what will happen next, so the ad keeps them watching. When the puppy finally arrives home, there is a giant wolf waiting for him. The music’s tempo increases to make audiences get tense and scared for the puppy. Out of nowhere, Budweiser’s signature Clydesdales come to the rescue and save the puppy. It was a big sigh of relief and the music gets happier and the advertisers hope the audiences will as well. At the end of this ad, the owner, the puppy, the Clydesdales all look happy to be reunited. The ad concludes with the owner sipping on a Budweiser as a sign of his relief.

This 60 second commercial told a deep story that is easy to follow. Even though Budweiser is a product for people ages 21 and over, this commercial appeals to all ages. A 6 year old is able to follow this commercial and establish a positive emotional connection with Budweiser. This commercial may actually be more appealing to people who are under 21 because its fairy-tale type ending intended to capture future buyers. At the very end of the commercial, when the Budweiser symbol pops up on the screen, underneath had the hashtag #BestBuds. Social media sites lit up during and after the Super Bowl using this hashtag knowing that it came from Budweiser.

This lost puppy commercial did everything that a successful ad should do. It used traditional Budweiser symbols with the beer in the commercial and the Clydesdales as well as using new advertisement techniques to successfully create an ad that is surely going to be talked about for a long time. It used psychoanalytic advertising by pulling people in with an emotional story and a lovable main character backed with a perfect music choice.   This commercial appeals to almost everybody and made a great statement towards Budweiser as a company. It used Political economy to reinforce everything that Budweiser has worked up to at this point and successfully added to that. They kept their signature model with their Clydesdales and also added new symbols to their branding. Overall, this commercial was fantastic in every way and will most definitely stay in audience’s heads for a long time. It was memorable, enticing, and gave a good message and in our modern day, that is good advertising.


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