Medium Theory – Smartphones – Cameron Smith and Hilary Cochran

Cell phones are viewed as an essential resource in our society today. People become connected at the push of a button and are more likely to drown out the people who are physically around them. Cell phones have us looking down while we are walking making us less aware of our surroundings and making us injury prone. With the new advances in communication people now are able to talk face to face through their cell phones in something called video chat. This along with the ability to play games and perform other various tasks including social media has enabled our society to become very distracted and distant. Every day we are able to observe people who have their faces glued to their Facebook and Twitter feeds constantly updating and posting as their day progresses. None of this would be remotely possible without the help of our handheld smart phones. There is however a very positive aspect to living out our lives with cell phones. They allow us to multitask, retrieve information quickly and easily, and just generally make our lives easier and more organized.


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