The impact of Twitter by Lauren Fabiszak and Jennifer Jones

After the decline of Myspace in 2009, Twitter slowly grew to be one of the most popular social networking outlets from that point on.

It’s unique because it allows users to interact on a seemingly personal level with their favorite actors, musicians, artists, sports players and actors. You no longer have to wait until they appear on TV, or in a newspaper to see what they are doing. You can now jump online and check their feeds, which they update, and that makes it feel more personal also. The fans of these pop culture stars also have a way to connect with each other about their favorite interests and latest gossip.

This medium gave people a chance to be heard and connect with people all over the world. There’s no need for people to watch hour long TV broadcasts anymore; through Twitter they can get instant notifications of the news as soon as it happens. It’s then easier for individuals and companies to self-promote to a larger and more in-tuned audience. All in all, this medium outlet of Twitter gives people information quicker and more personally.


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