Medium Theory – Newer Technology — By Brian Gilfillan and Marc Acevedo

Snapchat is an application on smartphones used by primarily kids in high school and college.  It is a new way for people to communicate other than sending worded messages.  The application is also very user controlled. All facets of the application are tailored to the user and allows him or her self to control what goes out, for how long it goes out for, and to who it goes out to.  Normally, two people would engage in a series of text messages, but with snapchat, it allows people to send whatever picture you want to the receiver.  Because of this, the application has received some unwanted scrutiny from many different areas of the news because of the nature of some of the pictures that some people have sent to each other.  However, it is made to be an enjoyable application for people who want to share their everyday experiences with their friends.


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