How Twitter extends our senses. By Kevin Eghrari and Jonathan Flink.

Twitter is an interesting new medium today because of the many tools incorporated, such as the hashtag.  The hashtag is a way to spread ideas in a way that a word can be publicly shared and used among other twitter users, that can then use that hashtag in relation to their posts or support the general idea behind the hashtag.  The news medium of twitter is able to spread news faster than having to read it on the web or watch TV.  This is because it is easier and faster to access.  Twitter is not only able to provide news, but also prompt discussion, twitter has become the new method for voicing ones opinion to a mass audience.  With that being said, Twitter has certainly changed both the news world and the social lives of many people.  Besides spreading news,  Twitter also connects people through interests as well as letting others listen to your ideas or thoughts.


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