A New Era of Telephones – Brian Franceschelli, James Nemia, and Precious Uwaya

With the advent of smartphones in the early 2000s, a new medium was created. Suddenly, people were able to communicate in more ways than ever before. The popularity of flip phones like the Motorola Razor, where your ability to communicate was limited to texts and phone calls, and the occasional picture message, died out quickly with the release of newer smartphones like Apple’s IPhone. With a multitude of applications that allowed you to play games, communicate with friends, and access new information quickly, smartphones were a huge success, and redefined the way we communicate. A plethora of apps flooded the market, reshaping the way we live our lives. Interpersonal communications were reborn, yet again, and this time we called it Social Media. Apps like Facebook and its more recently released Messenger app moved from the online world onto our phones, killing sites like Myspace and AOL Instant Messaging, which only a few years before had enjoyed their heyday.

Fast forward almost a decade, and smartphones allow us to not only communicate with friends in new ways, but they also give us the ability to meet new people through apps like Tinder, play with friends through apps like Trivia Crack, and see friends in a new light through video calls like Apple’s popular FaceTime.


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