Reaction By: Marc Acevedo & Brian Gilfillan

Distress Signals is a documentary filmed twenty-plus years ago. It is filmed by John Walker and highlights American influence and dominance in the world’s media today. In particular, it highlights the struggles of less privileged countries in the commissioning of television broadcasts for their homes. Unlike powerful countries like the United States, countries like some of those in Africa find it very difficult to produce programs that do particularly well. The film does a good job at demonstrating how powerful American media and production is in relation to the rest of the world today. If this documentary was filmed today I believe that there would be an enlarged focus on social networking and the likes since it very easy for people around the world today to be connected to each other on an up-to-date basis.

Key Terms:

Gloablization – An interaction and integration between countries through different types of media and trade.

Cultural Imperialism – This is the practice of promoting a more powerful culture over a lesser culture.

Global Media Flow – The movement of media ideas through different cultures and these ideas become improved upon.


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