Distress Signal: An Investigation Of Global Television

The short documentary produced by the National Film Board of Canada, explores the global television, and the United States involvement and or dominance of the global television market. Since the creation of the documentary twenty years ago, America still has dominance in the global market, and to an extent is seen as exporting its culture around the world an example of cultural imperialism.  The Unites states exportation of its television shows and movies, dominates the global television and overshadows the culture of that country as American shows are more predominantly viewed , inexpensive to air, and produces more returns for the TV stations in other countries.  The universal themes of American television, appeals different cultures, and stands out as being well done compared to regional shows. If the documentary was produced today it would most likely touch on the increasing import of foreign culture into the American culture such as Korean Shows, Bollywood and telenovelas from Latin countries. The documentary might also include how the accessibility of online streaming makes it easier for American culture to be widely spread more rapidly than before all over the world, which also makes it easier to view shows from different countries cultures and makes understanding other cultures more acceptable.


  1. Globalization: The accessibility and interconnectedness of people, ideas or things all over the world
  2. Cultural Imperialism: The dominance and widespread of a specific culture over other cultures.
  3. Global Media Flow: The continuous movement of information through different media all around the world

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