Video Reaction

By Jennifer Jones, Brian Franceschelli and Lauren Fabiszak

1. The video is over 20 years old. Which aspects are still relevant? Which aren’t? If it was made today what would they probably add?

The aspects that are still relevant are the top companies and American dominance in broadcasting. Some of the top worldwide companies are NBC, Disney, and Viacom. All of these American-based powerhouses are highly feared by other countries due to the constant and successful ratings that American programming receives. As a result, other countries don’t often make local programming because they can’t afford it and it won’t be successful in comparison.

However, it’s not relevant with VHS videos and big satellite dishes. Nowadays, we would use DVDs or the Internet to show trailers or view shows, and satellite dishes (if they are used) are much less noticeable.

If it were made today, they would probably add social media as an important component to the advertising process. Garnering their online fanbase would only add to their publicity and keep a company on top of their competition.

2. Define: globalization, cultural imperialism, global media flow.

Globalization can best be described as the outreach of a product or service to other parts of the world. Cultural imperialism is when a larger and more popular country has a significant impact on a smaller and lesser country. Lastly, global media flow is the spread of media from one part of the world to the other.


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