Alan Freed : Desegregating the Radio Airways


Alan Freed known by his deejay name Moondog introduced R&B music known in the 1950’s as “race records” into the American radio airways. He is also known for coining the term rock and roll to describe the surging and rolling beat of rhythm and blues. While at Record and Rendezvous a large Cleveland record store he observed and was shocked by the immense amount of white teenagers buying R&B records.  With the suggestion of the store owner, Freed started to play rhythm and blues records on his show called the, “Moondog Rock ‘n’ Roll party.” Freed promoted African-American styled music all over the country, which was significant in bridging the gap of segregation among whites and African Americans teenagers.  Freed brazenly played original R&B music as opposed to the cover version of the song by white artists, showing that music knew neither race nor boundaries.


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